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    Heartland D3 2013 Spring Season

    May 20th, 2013

    U-13 Boys Premier Subdivision 3

    Subdivision Standings
    team wins losses ties GF GA YC RC points
    7335 Sedalia Soccer 305 Spin 7 0 1 29 9 22
    7332 KC Prime Spartans 7 1 0 33 10 21
    7339 Unified Strykers 6 2 0 27 11 18
    7334 KVSA Jambars 4 2 0 18 10 1 12
    7337 SPORTING BV Celtic 99-00 2 3 2 12 16 8
    7333 KC United Zombie Attack 2 4 2 12 21 8
    7331 KC Fusion – Caragher 1 3 3 6 18 6
    7336 Sporting BV Aberdeen 1 4 2 13 16 5
    7330 Futura Magic 0 4 2 7 22 2
    7338 Toca MLS 99-00 0 7 0 6 30 2 0

    May 18 305 Spin 3 Spartans 2

    May 19th, 2013

    It was the last league game of the season, playing on field 10 at Heritage Soccer Park. 2:15 game, 82 degrees and overcast. Fairly strong wind out of the Southeast playing on a east-west field. Spartans were undefeated and 305 was undefeated with one draw from the game  canceled by lightning. Winner would win the the division. We had a decent week of training and it was up to the boys now. The game did not start too well with us immediately letting the wing get behind us to get a cross in and they headed their way into the lead in the first minute. The boys didn’t drop their heads and it took them a while to get some rhythm going and start controlling some of the play. The game was pretty wide open with both teams giving a solid effort. In the 22nd, we finally found the net with Riley beating the defender one on one in the box and putting a nice ball through to Alex. Alex finished with a nice touch and we were tied at 1 each. We continued to create some opportunities and it was looking like we would go to half all tied. In the 32nd minute, Spartans were able to convert a corner kick that it looked like we stopped and then lost the ball to see it poked into the net. We went into half down 2 to 1.

    We had a good talk at halftime. The boys had done everything right, worked hard and Spartans had got the break and not us. We needed one goal to get back in it and surely a break would come our way. 35 more minutes to play in the season and we still had a good chance to win this. The boys went out and played hard and both  teams battled. In the 8th minute, the break we were looking for came our way with a handball by Spartans in the box. Riley stepped up and put it away. No doubt on this one. Tied 2 to 2, the game opened up as both teams tried to put together the winning goal. We had a couple excellent chances, but could not find the back of the net.

    In the 32nd minute, Lalo made a pass inside to Riley who took the ball, beat his defender and sent a through ball to Dylan down the left. Dylan outpaced his defender and got space to make the cross. Alex was right on queue following up on the right in the box and put the winning goal into the back of the net. Spartans had started the game with a beautiful team goal and we finished with one.

    The boys held on the last few minutes to secure the win and were gracious in their victory. As always a great game with Spartans and we appreciate their players, coaches and parents for being good competitors. A great win to end a good season. Job well done, boys!

    May 11 – 305 Spin 3 – Toca 2

    May 13th, 2013

    A nice day at Heritage Soccer Park. Really windy with the wind coming out of the north and playing on a north – south field. Spartans had won their game earlier, so we needed the win to remain unbeaten and have a chance still for first when we play Spartans next Saturday. We took the wind the first half and the boys went to work. As a team, we were looking a little ragged with not everyone getting into the game. Riley took a shot from outside the box in the 9th and put us up 1 to 0.

    Toca was playing a good counterattack game and we were slow defensively. They tied the game in the 14th and then two minutes later took the lead with another goal. The boys were dropping their heads and not holding up to the pressure of needing a win. In the 21st, Trenton tied things up with a well placed pass from Alex. We kept pushing to get another, but it just wasn’t coming. We produced 17 shots in the first half to their 7 shots.

    In the second half, we picked up our heads and put in a better effort across the  pitch. Their goalie was having a great game and they were still pressing us all over the park. It was getting late in the half and looking like we were not going to be able to find the net when Colby put across a great pass and Riley made no doubt with putting it over the goalies head for the winning goal. Toca kicked off and the official blew the whistle to call the game. Three points the hard way, but a great win for the boys. Hat’s off to TOCA for a great effort and pressing us throughout the game.

    In the end we had 31 shots to their 8 shots and their goalie made 13 saves. We had 10 corner kicks but could not get one in.

    May 5 305 Spin 4 – KVSA Jambar 1

    May 13th, 2013

    Another windy, cool day at OP. But no snow or rain, so good weather compared to our other games at OP. The boys love playing on the turf. We played a Jambar team with a very big back four, well organized and good players across the field. We got a good start with Lalo scoring a great goal in the 6th minute. We created several good opportunities and had the run of possession with Jambar counterattacking with quick forwards. Jambar got a goal to tie it up. The ball never crossed the line as Nick cleared it out. But to everyone’s surprise the linesman called it a goal.

    The boys kept their heads up but were not able to find the net. The Jambar defense was very good. in the 31st minute, Riley took the ball to his left top of the box, beat a couple defenders and got off a solid left footed shot to beat the goalie with a shot just inside the post. Two minutes later, Lalo scored off a 4 player – 4 one touch passes that was a great finish. We went into half up 3 to 1.

    In the second half it was another good half of soccer by both teams. We had some good opportunities and were frustrating them in our defensive third. All the boys worked hard and we were working well as a team. in the 23rd minute, Trenton finished on another 4 player 4 pass effort that showed how well this team can work together when they are focused. A great finish to put us up 4 t o 1. We saw out the game and this was our best win of the season so far.

    Challenger Cup – 1 game – Games Cancelled – 305 Spin 4 – Barca 0

    May 13th, 2013

    It was a frustrating weekend as all Saturday games were cancelled due to rain. Because the tournament was played on public fields, the tournament organizers were unable to get any games in on Saturday. The KC teams played on Thursday and Friday, so there were able to get two games in. We played Sunday am against BMSC Barca. We dominated the game with 30 shots on goal to their 5 shots on goal. Riley, Trent and Alex scored in the first half and Alex got a goal in the second half. In the next game we needed Real and Prodigy to tie or Prodigy to win. Their game was tied with 3 minutes to go when Real scored the winning goal. It was a long shot to get through to the final off of one game, but we were close.


    April 14 – 305 Spin 9 v KC Attack 0

    April 14th, 2013

    Finally – a really nice day to play soccer. It was so disappointing last week to end up with a draw due to the game being canceled. We had a good week of training and I was hoping the nice weather would see the boys step up and get some goals. I was not disappointed. 5 goals in the first half and pretty much all the possession. the Attack crossed the half a couple of times but no shots on goal. Colby came out and picked the ball up a couple of times. Lalo started things off with a goal in the 2nd minute. Then Matthew took a penalty kick and made it 2-0. Riley scored in the 19th. Trent in the 21st and Alex in the  30th. Ian started in goal in the 2nd half and then was replaced by Tanner in the 20th minute. Neither got to touch the ball. We dominated but  their goalie made some great saves. Lots of switching around on our side and lots of good playing time. Dylan scored in the 29th, Riley in the 31st, then Riley again in the 32nd and Alex made it 9-0 in the 34th. A fun day when the goals are easy. Good work everybody!!

    April 7 – 305 Spin 0 – KC Fusion 0 – Game Canceled due to Lightning

    April 14th, 2013

    We finally started play at 5:30 after an initial lighting delay. We played one half into the wind. Pretty much all the possession, but we couldn’t find the back of the net. We only played a 30 minute first half with lightning during the 1st half. We started the second half and the game was called 1:22 into the half due to lightning. A disappointing draw as we should have got things going with the wind in the 2nd half.

    March 23 305 Spin v BV Sporting Celtic

    March 24th, 2013

    The Emerald Cup tournament scheduled to play at OP was canceled due to the snow storm moving in, so our game was moved from HSP to OP, Field 1. A 2:15 start, the weather was the season normal of temperatures in the 30′s and a strong wind out of the east. We had been working on a new formation and tactical strategy this week to give us more chances on goal. The boys started right off and quickly took control of the game. We had our only defense lapse of the game in the 7th minute and fell behind 0 to 1. The boys bounced right back and our possession game improved as everyone started to get used to the new system. Lalo scored a nice goal in the 18th minute from an assist from Max. We went into half tied 1 to 1 taking 10 shots on goal and only allowing BV Sporting Celtic 2 shots.

    The snow started to fall in the second half and the wind picked up. The boys really picked things up and we were completely dominating possession. Even with the strong wind blowing across field one East to West, we were moving the ball much better from center to left or right and then back in. Lots of touches. Riley put us up 2 to 1 in the 13 minute off some nice give and go with Lalo and then in the 18th, we put the game away with Riley scoring on a penalty kick. The game ended 3 to 1 and we outshot BV Sporting 16 to 1 in the 2nd half.

    Really proud of the boys the way they worked hard to figure out the new system. EVERY player gave their best today. It is so easy when each and every boy steps up to do their part and creates such a strong team effort. 3 games and 3 wins, all in poor weather. Nice work everyone.

    March 17 – 305 v BV Sporting Aberdeen

    March 18th, 2013

    It was another cold Sunday with Temperatures in the low 30′s. Rain, some sleet and a little snow. Thankfully the wind was blowing across the field from the East and not coming out of the North like last Sunday. The boys started off quickly and it was all business as we worked the ball down the right wing with Alex putting a good ball across the goal and Daniel making a good finish into the goal in the second minute. Trenton had a great finish off a corner in the 7th minute to put us up 2 to 0. We continued to dominate play with most of the possession and play in our offensive third. We gave up a counter attack in the 23rd minute and BV pulled  back within one. In the 31st minute, Riley took a free kick from outside the box that deflected off the goalie and fell to Lalo who neatly tapped it by the goalie. The half ended with BV getting another counter attack and Colby making a fantastic save to preserve our 3 to 1 lead.

    The boys were frozen as it kept getting colder. Large sleet was mixed in with the rain as we started the second half quickly. It was asking a lot of the boys on both teams to continue playing and I tried to sub as much as possible. While we controlled the play and continued to dominate possession, we just couldn’t seem to find the back of the net. BV had a several fast break counter attacks, but our boys ran them down and prevented too many problems. Ian had a good game in the goal in the second half that kept us in the game. Overall a pretty good game considering the weather conditions and another 3 points. We outshot BV 12 to 7 and had an amazing 12 corner kicks to their 4.

    Hopefully next  game will see it warm up a bit.

    March 10 Sedalia Soccer 305 Spin v Futura Magic

    March 11th, 2013

    It was our first time outside this spring, getting to play on the turf at Overland Park. Temperatures in the 30′s and a strong cold wind blowing out of the north. We played against the wind the first half. The boys did their best playing in the cold against a physical Futura side. We had the majority of possession and took the lead in the 5th minute when Max followed up on a shot from Riley. We continued to control possession until we gave up a soft goal in the 28th minute. In the first half we outshot Futura 12 to 2.

    In the second half, we had the wind to our back but somehow we gave up the ball on our kickoff through some lackadaisical play and gave Futura the lead in the first minute of play. The boys woke up and returned to putting pressure on their goal and then Trenton scored to put us up 2-1 in the 5th minute. After that, we completely dominated the run of play in our offensive third. Alex got a sweet cross into the box and Logan put it away to put us up 3 to 2 in the 15th minute. Logan sealed the win for us with a goal in the 25th, again off a cross from the right from Alex. in the second half we outshot Futura 11 to 2

    A very physical game with the boys giving a strong effort. Lots of work to do as we go into our second week, but what a great start to our season.